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OQ TECHNOLOGY is a global 5G "Internet-of-Things” network operator providing the largest remote IoT data access and analytics platform and cutting costs of data transmission through satellites by a large factor by utilizing non-terrestrial networks (satellites, balloons, drones).

We serve the oil and gas, maritime, Industry 4.0 and transport segments particularly for the management and tracking of assets in remote areas. Whether this is digital oilfield applications, offshore monitoring, SCADA applications, asset tracking, fleet management, smart metering or predictive maintenance, we provide you with an innovative low-cost connectivity solution.

We also help mobile operators extend their cellular IoT coverage to remote and rural areas where their cellular tower coverage cannot reach.

Our wireless technology is compatible with cellular IoT, particularly Narrowband IoT. The modules are cellular compatible plug & play, easy to install, have long battery life and connect you directly to our or your data cloud.

Security is important for us, and all our modules and data interfaces are highly secure and encrypted. We have our own network and we can customise our service according to your needs to guarantee the reception of data in your own country only.


Connectivity Service: We offer highly secure managed 5G IoT connectivity service with large data plans and low cost compared to traditional solutions.

OQ ONE Modules: Hybrid cellular terrestrial and satellite NB-IoT modules that can roam and switch between the mobile and satellite network anywhere in the world.

OQ ONE User Terminals: It is a universal NB-IoT data aggregator that is designed to provide a gateway for IoT and M2M data and connects to any satellite, regardless of the platform used. Typical applications include SCADA, maritime, and remote industrial connectivity.  It implements edge-computing, high security standard, and low power communication. IT can connect to any VSAT or other satellite terminal.

Data Analytics: Our secure data analytics platform gives you access to a wide range of meta data that together with highly targeted analytics algorithms offer you the necessary information needed for your critical business decision-making processes and for optimising your operations.

DSP House: Strong experience and skills in cellular transceiver and software stack development for mobile and satellite operators, NB-IoT over satellite IP own development product and patented under OQ.

Consultancy: we support customers’ hi-tech and telecommunication projects at all stages, from the definition of requirements, initial studies, engineering processes, procurement and management tasks as well as operations through to the end of the project with archiving and lessons learnt. During the project establishment phases, we have the experience to support the requirements capture, the analysis, the identification of key drivers, the operations concept definition, the cost estimation and the specification of statements of work, and the writing of commercial bids and proposals. OQ TECHNOLOGY can also provide monitoring of industrial contracts for clients.


OQ TECHNOLOGY hosts a team of multi-talented engineers with cross-functional domain experience ranging from space systems, telecom R&D, Software development for space and telecom, Space electronics hardware design and development and Digital Signal Processing. 

OQ TECHNOLOGY also has built an end-end state of the art 5G satellite IoT lab comprising of a functional flatsat, ground segment and a 5G payload and prototype user terminals and the necessary measurement and instrumentation EGSE to aid development and testing.


Our main customers include Saudi ARAMCO, the biggest Oil & Gas company in the world. We deliver our satellite based 4G/5G IoT services to ARAMCO for oil and gas for the management and tracking of assets in remote areas for digital oilfield applications, offshore monitoring, SCADA applications, asset tracking, fleet management, smart metering or predictive maintenance etc.

We also have ongoing engagements with customers partners such as Marlink & Wyld Networks from the maritime, Industry 4.0 and transport segment. 


MACSAT Feasibility Study: OQ TECHNOLOGY successfully performed a detailed study and the system design of a global satellite system dedicated for Machine2Machine communication. The technology developed surpasses existing wireless technologies in meeting the extensive demands of IoT & M2M communication requirements. The study also included a detailed analysis of the M2M and IoT markets and target business models that allows such a technology to be rapidly implemented a s a product and service.

Smart Automatic Model Based Architecture: The project aims to create a set of agile software tools implementing in their core Artificial Intelligence techniques and cognitive algorithms that support engineers in integral product design or complex processes by creating a modular framework. The software main objective is to be used to produce engineering test plans and routines in the automotive and aerospace industry, with minimal human intervention. It can be also used to manage the IoT networks. Using this tool customers can save up to 70% of the time and cost needed to develop conventional network optimisation techniques. The AI training algorithm was successful in matching a human engineer work up to 93% in a specific scenario.

MACSAT In-Orbit Demonstration Mission: OQ TECHNOLOGY is the prime contractor of the MACSAT IOD mission (Launch 2023), where it is designing, implementing, and building the first satellite to be launched to demonstrate the company's innovative 5G IoT technology implemented in both the payload and user terminals.

TIGER-1 Mission: OQ Technology’s first Technology Demonstrator Mission Successfully tested NB-IoT over two LEO Cubesats, the mission was a technology proof of the feasibility of cellular IoT over LEO satellites and successfully tested the transceiver algorithms developed by OQ.

ANCORSAT: As a part of ESA ARTES 4.0 Programme OQ TECHNOLOGY is the prime contractor for this Activity which aims at technical design & development of an end-to-end test bed to demonstrate and verify Satellite IoT use cases for Agile 5G Network Configurations.

5G-IoT-Chip: As a follow up of the MACSAT Mission, OQ Technology, as the prime contractor, is developing the necessary Software IPs for 4G/5G NTN basestation for the higher layers of the communication stack and user modules.

OQ Technology has successfully added 5 satellites as part of its growing constellation for its 4G/5G services and has 5 more satellites by 2023. 

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