Molecular Plasma Group


We develop customized solutions using our 

  • MolecularGRIP™ technology for improved adhesion between difficult-to-bond materials with custom-designed primer layers
  • Leaf™ technology for nano-structured, water-repellent and non-stick coatings
  • Virucidal & bactericidal coatings
  • UV filter coatings

Our Molecular Plasma Technology enables single-step grafting of a wide range of one or more functional precursor molecules (organic, inorganic, nanoparticles, biomolecules,...) onto any surface using a scalable, dry, ambient, atmospheric process.  The solutions we develop are easily scalable and we ensure a robust industrially implementation.


Development and implementation of solutions for 

  • Priming for improved bonding of inert materials (e.g. PTFE, Titanium, CFRP’s, Polyolefins) in multi-material structures
  • improvement of adhesion between any fibre and a polymer matrix
  • non-stick, water-repellent and anti-corrosion solutions
  • REACH-compliant, wet chemical primer replacement

R&D equipment for RTO’s, Universities and companies

Pilot lines

Small scale production

Custom-designed industrial systems

After-sales service and remote diagnostics.


  • Lab facilities with PlasmaspotTM and PlasmalineTM equipment
  • PlasmaFIBER equipment for functionalisation of fibers and tows
  • PlasmaPOWDER equipment for particle engineering
  • Small production runs & scale-up support
  • Characterisation (cooperation with LIST)
  • 3D printing for rapid prototyping
  • Engineering of customised solutions


ArianeGroup, Samsonite, Freudenberg, Valeo
Research Institutes and Universities such as LIST, KU Leuven (B), Centexbel (B), University of La Rioja, VTT (Fi), PICC (CH), FILK (D)

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