Maana Electric


Maana Electric aims to be the utility company of the solar system. We use our proprietary In-Situ Resource Utilisation (ISRU) technologies developed for the space industry to revolutionize the way in which solar panels are produced, on Earth and in space. MaanaBoxes are fully automated and transportable production facilities which use only locally available materials and solar electricity to produce fully functioning solar panels from sand on Earth, and regolith on the Moon or Mars. Within the MaanaBox family, there will be two initial product categories: the TerraBox which is specifically designed for large-scale utility solar farms in desert land areas, and the LunaBox designed for the Moon to enable the development of a lunar economy.


  • Solar cells (for Terrestrial & Space applications)
  • Solar Panels (for Terrestrial & Space applications)
  • Glass panes & components
  • ISRU equipment


Maana Electric is specialised in In-Situ Resource Utilisation (ISRU) and Solar Photovoltaic technologies, for both terrestrial and space applications. Our 2,000 sqm facilities include electro-chemical laboratories, clean rooms with vacuum chambers, regolith and sand analysis units, machining workshop and AIT dedicated areas.


Research & Development for ESA & LSA related to ISRU demonstrators and Off-Earth manufacturing and construction.

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