Luxsense geodata is a young SME whose objective is to use innovative techniques from earth observation in research projects and to render services for the acquisition of reliable geodata. Further, the development of high level products for environmental studies, precision agriculture and engineering projects is one of the major goals of the company.

The use of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or drones) allows for a rapid intervention and the acquisition of extremely high resolution geodata. These characteristics of UAVs – combined with a multitude of different sensors – make these systems very powerful in the case of natural disasters or precision agriculture, where satellite data lacks the spatial or temporal resolution.


Geodata acquisition

  • UAV operation for data acquisition
  • Data processing for RGB-, multi- and hyperspectral data

Product development

  • Development of customized data products
  • Precision agriculture: weed and disease detection, biomass and photosynthesis
  • Construction site monitoring : volume estimation, 3D reconstruction, BIM and pipe detection


  • Fixed-wing UAVs: These UAVs allow data acquisition of larger areas in short time intervals for 3D reconstruction purposes (up to 100ha / 30min).
  • Heavy lift UAVs: In many research projects, multiple camera systems need to be flown simultaneously and combined with sensors for side parameters.
  • Multi- and hyperspectral sensors and high-resolution RGB-cameras
    • The acquisition of the complete electromagnetic spectrum is required for the analysis of vegetation. The available sensor systems cover the spectral domain from 350 – 950nm.
  • A thermal camera captures long wave thermal infrared from 8-14μm and provides information about land surface temperature and emissivity.
  • Field spectrometer: The field spectrometer captures light in the spectral range from 350nm to 950nm. This data is used for research in vegetation studies and for cal/val of UAV data.


Luxembourg municipalities

Governmental administrations

  • Administration de la nature et des forêts
  • Administration des ponts et chaussées
  • Administration de la gestion de l’eau

Research institutions

  • LIST
  • IBLA
  • Universitiy of Trier


  • MonESCA – Disease detection in grape vines
  • LeguTEC – Vegetation monitoring and weed detection for precision agriculture
  • mDrones4rivers – Biotope monitoring in riparian buffer zones

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