LuxTrust is a Qualified Trust Services Provider and a Certification Authority.

Since our inception in 2005, we have been a pioneer in trusted services. We develop innovative and multi-applicative solutions to secure applications, on-line transactions, digital identity and electronic signatures for space and defence companies, public institutions, businesses, and private individuals. 

We guarantee the security of digital space assets, making your applications more robust and reliable for the present and post-quantum world. Thanks to our digital solutions, you can authenticate data, identify your users, secure open architectures, simplify processes and increase business efficiency. Conveniently located in Luxembourg, Belgium (Brussels), France (Paris) and Monaco, our teams will help you secure your digital future.


LuxTrust provides global trust services, APIs and solutions that:

  • ensure data authenticity and integrity. From satellite images, to code, AI analytics or even C4ISR information, we make your applications more secure, reliable and trustworthy.
  • digitise your paper processes. COSI, theour trust services hub, enables companiesyou to address your specific business needs whilst being easily integrated in theyour legacy IT infrastructure.
  • better prepare your systems for the post-quantum world
  • enrich your cyber forensics capabilities. Our solutions secure and track each step of the processing chain, building evidence support in case of investigation.
  • securely identify your users. Using electronic certificates, our strong authentication service allows you to identify your users and thus prevent any unauthorised access to your online services


LuxTrust supports international customers from highly regulated sectors such as space and defence, banking, insurance, financial services, public institutions, and health.


  • Ground segment - Operators authentication 
  • Ground segment - Operations traceability 
  • Quantum Key Distribution
  • Authentication and data encryption for EM-SAT, a comprehensive Secure Operation Centre for emergency situations in chemical plants
  • Authentication and protection of earth observation satellite data
  • Digitalisation of paper processes


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