LuxTrust is a Qualified Trust Service Provider and a Certification Authority.

Established in 2005, the company implements and integrates innovative and multi-applicative solutions to secure on-line transactions, digital identity and electronic signatures for its customers, including governments, institutions, businesses and private individuals.

Its mission is to guarantee the digital identity and security of the electronic data of companies and citizens, and thereby increase trust in the digital economy to make life simpler and encourage business efficiency. LuxTrust manages the digital identities for all of Luxembourg and has expanded its business internationally recently.


We provide strong electronic identities (eID) and solutions to help organizations digitize their processes whilst being compliant with latest EU regulations (from the on boarding of a user through the whole commercial/institutional process). Amongst other services, we provide:

  • Electronic Identities: Identification made face-to-face through Registration Authority Network or Remotely enabling us to deliver strong eID that can be used for Qualified Signature
  • Strong Authentication
  • Qualified Trust Services: Qualified Electronic Seal, Electronic Signature, Timestamping, QWAC.
  • Electronic Signature solution

Our entirely API-based Signature platform (COSI), enables you to address your specific needs whilst being easily integrated in your legacy IT infrastructure.

Our customers are from various sectors and evolve in international environments (banks, insurance, financial services, institutions, health)
Amongst our references:

BIL, BGL, Banque de Luxembourg, ING, Spuerkees, POST, Raiffeisen, Spuerkees, Luxembourg Government, DG Santé of the European Commission, LNS, Société Générale


  • Quantum Key Distribution
  • Authentication and data encryption for EM-SAT, a comprehensive Secure Operation Centre for emergency situations in chemical plants

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