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The IT for Innovative Services (ITIS) department of LIST has as objective to support the digital transformation of private and public organisations by enabling digital technology innovation with a significant impact that help them to:

- manage their operations more efficiently,

- take better decisions,

- comply with a rapidly evolving regulatory environment.

To fulfil this aim, ITIS develops methodologies, architectures, models, algorithms, software tools, and integrated IT-based systems to achieve a more efficient, optimised, robust, scalable, secure, trustworthy and user-friendly utilisation of data and information technologies both for fully automated systems and for systems with humans in the loop.

The activities of the Department are supported by an AI, data analytics and visualisation Technology Infrastructure.


The ITIS department is focusing on the 6 following “innovation lines” which are coordinating a number of core technology building blocks and associated services to build functional prototypes meeting the exacting requirements of a specific market:

  • 6G,
  • Automated Process-Based Systems,
  • Digital Twin Technologies,
  • Digital Upskilling for Industry 5.0 and Services,
  • Explainable AI Regulatory Sandbox,
  • Interactive Technologies for Critical Incidents


ESA, SES, HITEC Luxembourg, LuxSpace, Cybercultus, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (Directorate of Defence)


Previous projects led by CRP Henri Tudor (now part of the LIST)

• SAT’N’SURF (ESA) – Internet content sharing via satellite - Content delivery according to a community / interest group the user belongs to, with respect of user privacy

• IMSATV (ESA) – Interactive TV via satellite - Satellite-based user interactivity with TV programs

• TASMANIA (ESA) – Secured and Monitored content delivery by satellite - Satellite-based remote administration and monitoring of high value content delivery

• COTV (ESA) – Interactive TV via satellite - TV users’ mobile communities compete in the production of TV programs, mixing professional and user-generated audio-visual content, vote and broadcast the winner program via satellite

• WellCom (EUREKA-ITEA) – Location (satellite position) Based Services - Luxembourg @Home & mobile demonstrator on “Interactive Personalised Advertisement and Location-based (GPS) Shopping Assistant”

• Project TRANSCOMAS (ERDF Interreg) - Creating a cross-border Network of AeroSpace Measure and Control facilities, to allow interested Space actors to benchmark their products and services and thus to improve fulfilment of highly requesting requirements of the Aerospace sector

• DG-Trac (ESA) – Dangerous Goods Tracking & Tracing - Feasibility study on a tracking and tracing system for dangerous goods transport in the medical sector

• SENSA (ESA) (participating) – Sustainable, Environmental and Safe Tourism in Protected Areas - Safety services and real-time touristic information for travelers in protected parks in South Africa. SENSA uses satellite trackers with other networks and dedicated mobile applications to help the tourists connect in all situations with the parks authorities. SENSAWILD.COM

• MILAN  (FNR Bridges ) - MachIne Learning for AstroNomy

• KM4SR – Knowledge Management for Space Resources

• ECOSTRESS (ESA) – ECOsystem Spaceborne Thermal Radiometer Experiment on Space Station (to investigate vegetation water stress through the measurement of plant temperatures)

• CRISTAL (DoD) Earth observation combined with Social Media Mining for crisis management

• PUBLIMAPE (FNR CORE) Public information mapped to environmental events

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