GomSpace Luxembourg


GomSpace Luxembourg is engaged with two lines of business:

We are developing and offering Operations as a Service (OaaS) to owners of nanosatellites providing a scalable low-cost and fully automated solution that ensures high return on investment.

Further, we are developing Deep Space projects acting as the prime for ESA. The two missions M-ARGO and Hera/Juventas will explore nearby asteroids and provide a wealth of new information facilitating future resource utilisation.


Our main products is the Hands-Off Operations Platform (HOOP) being the basis of our OaaS offering. Its features are:

  • Our Hands-Off Operations Platform (HOOP) is the only product designed from the ground up ready for constellations.
  • Cost effective for single satellite in-orbit demonstrations to full-blown constellations providing services.
  • HOOP manages the entire ground segment, from antennas to end-users, allowing to optimise your assets at multiple levels.
  • Our continuous development and integration approach blends development and operations, ensuring our platform is fit for purpose - and adjust to your changing business priorities.
  • Our business model allows shifting CAPEX cost to OPEX; bringing down investment for enabling new space-based services
  • Build for a cybersecure world. HOOP has a holistic approach to security that covers both space and ground segments all the way to your customers. 


GomSpace Luxembourg has highly qualified space talent covering Ground Segment, Systems Integration and Quality. GomSpace Luxembourg has technical knowledge and processes to provide support to a growing number of satellites in space, and is currently designing and developing some of the most advanced nanosatellite missions in the world ranging from Earth Observation to Asteroid Rendezvous. There is also a systems integration lab for subsystems checkout, integration, and testing.


main customers 

The European Space Agency is currently the largest customer of GomSpace Luxembourg, to which GomSpace Luxembourg is providing Operations as a Service to missions such as CubeMap, GOMX-5, Artic Weather Satellite; as well as Deep Space mission such as Juventas and M-ARGO.

But there is also a growing number of commercial customers, namely for the operational services, to which GomSpace Luxembourg provided operational support in the Academia, Defence, Institutional and Commercial market such as Startical, Kleos, UnseenLabs, Colombian Air Force, JP Morgan, Sky and Space Global, University of Saarland and University of Manchester.


Our hoOP project is a continuous development project where incremental updates are being released to the production environment adding new features and capabilities.

The M-Argo project is developing a 12U nanosatellite explorer expected to piggyback launch in 2025-2026 and independently navigate to an asteroid target and perform scientific investigations hereof. The project is pushing the state-of-the-art on almost any aspects of small satellite, including miniaturisation, autonomy and resiliency.

The HERA/Juventas is a 6U cubesat that will be part of the HERA mission and will attempt landing on the Dimorphos (Didymoon) asteroid system in 2024 in order to exploit its secondary payloads a gravimeter and an IMU. The 6U carries a low-frequency radar payload that will probe into the interior of the asteroid. The mission will be managed through communications that goes through the HERA mother craft

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