GRADEL develops special purpose machines for the space sector and has extensive expertise in the realization of complex equipment. We have a complete range of Mechanical Ground Support Equipment equipment to handle S/Cs or parts of them. 

GRADEL also provides ultra-lightweight structures for flight hardware under the Trademark xFKin3D. The process Innovation xFKin3D is a highly flexible, versatile designed, cost-effective and sustainable endless roving winding fibre composite technology. A wide range of products or applications has already been realized for different industries and market segments. Flight hardware qualification (TRL8) for Space is planned for early 2021.

Gradel realized in 2019 a Market & Technology study for materials used in lightweight. A large potential is predicted for constellations and launchers. Telecommunication and Scientific S/C have interest in high-end applications. The technology has a fully digitalized process for design finding, simulation and optimization. Winding is realized with a 9-axis robot equipped with an own developed end effector.



GRADEL produces Self Levelling dollies with AGV systems, Hoisting Devices, Lifting Devices, Integration Stands and adapter rings with CoG measurement for the assembly integration and test of satellites and CATR facilities to test the antennas of S/C.


Fasteners or so-called “Brackets” are predestined for all possible shapes and 3D applications. The range extends from simple parts to relatively complex parts, which may also include additional functions and features. High stiffness in one direction, while spring effect in another direction on the same part.

Mass savings up to 70% for same stiffness and mechanical resistance compared to optimized aluminium components can be reached.

Dimensions are not limited. Dispensers of Ø2 m can be realized. 

The minimum quantity required is 1, but the process is economically effective for a production of up to several thousand parts per year. Multi-axial static and / or dynamic load cases are covered by the standardised process.

Wherever you reach the limits with conventional methods and still want to reduce mass by keeping same mechanical characteristics, xFK in 3D is the solution.


  • Engineering office with highly qualified Phd & engineers (mechanical, electric, automation, regulation and simulation of dynamic systems, FEM-analysis)
  • Assembly and test workshop of 800 m² x 10 m high
  • 9 axis winding robot for endless wound ultra-lightweight structures
  • Strong collaboration with LIST for certification and qualification of the process technology


Airbus Defence &Space, OHB, Thales Alenia Space, Euro Heat Pipes, Luxspace, GOMSpace, One Web, Ariane Group, Rocket Factory and ESA


Gradel has or is participating with its space products for different customers in the following programs:

Communication: Alphabus, E-3000, EDRS, Electra, Eurostar Neo, Neosat, SGEO, ELECTRA

Science: Euclid, ExoMars, JUICE, Solar Orbiter, Proba III

Earth Observation: MTG

Others: Moon mission M4

Ongoing project: Winding structures with fibers made of lunar regolith (collaboration with RWTH Aachen & ESA)

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