EmTroniX is a dynamic Luxembourgish company providing technological expertise, engineering design, prototyping and production services in advanced electronics and embedded software to customers involved in the most demanding technological fields such as Space, Aeronautics and Automotive. Using state-of-the-art development tools, EmTroniX engineers are able to offer the most objective and cost-effective solutions to all customer’s technological needs. The company offers the significant advantage of having in-house all the skills and experience required to handle different technical aspects of engineering development projects. Every year, the company is extended its competences and working on new projects. Among them, EmTroniX is currently involved in the development of high capabilities SDR payloads for various customers.



  • Design, implementation and manufacturing of complex electronics, including software (embedded & FPGA) and mechanical aspects, primarily oriented for telecommunication purposes.
  • Radio Frequency transceivers, LNA, down-converters, up-converters up to Ka-Band and SSPA up to X-Band.
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing, Software Defined Radio, real-time embedded software, automatic code generation, system modeling using rapid prototyping and optimized auto-coding.
  • Custom FPGA-based system, IP design and implementation (VHDL)
  • Analog, digital, high-power driver and PSU electronic design
  • High reliability, in-house automated SMT manufacturing
  • Ultra-fast, In-house multilayer RF PCB/Filter prototyping up to Ka band


  • Multi-channels, high sensitivity ADS-B IP core
  • Proximity-1 autonomous transceiver physical layer IP core
  • AIS receivers
  • ADS-B receivers



  • Autotronik Automatic SMT Stencil Printer
  • MYPro MY300LX Pick & Place machine
  • IBL Vapor Phase Oven
  • Memmert Drying Oven
  • Dr Storage Dry Storage Cabinet
  • LPKF U4 high precision Laser Milling Machine for PCB/Filter prototyping, Galvanic Through Hole plating and Hydraulic Press for up to 8 multilayers PCB.

Characterising & Testing

  • Vector Network Analyzers (Dual & Quad ports, up to 24GHz)
  • Spectrum & Signal Analyzers (1.8GHz / 7GHz / 43 GHz)
  • RF Arbitrary Signal Generators (3GHz / 20 GHz)
  • High Speed RF DSO (4CH – 20 Gs/s 6 GHz)
  • Low & Medium Speed DSO (4CH – 100 MHz/300 MHz/500 MHz/1 GHz/1.5 GHz)
  • Noise source
  • Multi Channels Electronics Loads
  • Battery Simulator (5A, 20V)
  • Thermal Chamber (-30°/+130°C)


Aerospace and aeronautics developers/integrators (ESA, OHB, SES, Thales Alenia Space, QinetiQ, OIP, Airbus, KLEOS, OQ-Technology, Skyflox, IPAG, GomSpace), Military (NSPA), Automotive component manufacturers (Delphi, Honneywell, Faurecia, IFP, Ferrari, Hannon, Audi) and research institutions.


  • Proximity-1 Autonomous Transceiver (ESA): Software Defined Radio transceiver for Mars-Orbiter autonomous telecommunication HUB (automatic signal modulation, frequency and baud-rate detection).
  • HERA’s Juventas Radar(GomSpace): First Low Frequency Radar probe of an asteroid.
  • MACSAT IOD (OQ-Tec): Complete payload transceiver and demonstration terminals.
  • Triton-X (OHB): High-Speed downlink and OBC for the satellite avionic
    DVBS2X FPGA-based downlink modulator, including RF and X-band SSPA.
    Avionic’s On-Board Computer.
  • VesselSat 1 & 2 (OHB): Payload – Dual AIS receivers, telecommand receivers, OBC interface, GNSS receivers, 3D sun sensor.
  • 4M (OHB): Manfred Memorial Moon Mission: First commercial satellite orbiting the Moon.
  • Generic SDR (EmTroniX): Flexible, powerful and multi-platform Software Defined Radio payload for wide-range telecommunication purposes. Used in Juventas & MACSAT.

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