EmTroniX is designing and producing advanced electronics and embedded software for the New Space industry.  Using state-of-the-art development tools, EmTroniX engineers are able to offer the most objective and cost-effective solutions to all customer’s technological needs. The company offers the significant advantage of having in-house all the skills and experience required to handle different technical aspects of engineering development projects. We are also producing our own Space products as On-Board Computer, Software Defined Radio, LNB, LNA, Power Amplifier and even more to come.



  • Design, implementation and manufacturing of complex electronics, including software (embedded & FPGA) and mechanical aspects, primarily oriented for telecommunication purposes.
  • Radio Frequency transceivers, LNA, down-converters, up-converters up to Ka-Band and SSPA up to X-Band.
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing, Software Defined Radio, real-time embedded software, automatic code generation, system modelling using rapid prototyping and optimized auto-coding.
  • Custom FPGA-based system, IP design and implementation (VHDL)
  • Analog, digital, high-power driver and PSU electronic design
  • High reliability, in-house automated SMT manufacturing
  • Ultra-fast, In-house multilayer RF PCB/Filter prototyping up to Ka band


  • Multi-channels, high sensitivity ADS-B IP core
  • Proximity-1 autonomous transceiver physical layer IP core
  • Software Define Radio Payloads
  • AIS receivers
  • ADS-B receivers



  • Autotronik Automatic SMT Stencil Printer
  • MYPro MY300LX Pick & Place machine
  • IBL Vapor Phase Oven
  • Memmert Drying Oven
  • Dr Storage Dry Storage Cabinet
  • LPKF U4 high precision Laser Milling Machine for PCB/Filter prototyping, Galvanic Through Hole plating and Hydraulic Press for up to 8 multilayers PCB.

Characterising & Testing

  • Vector Network Analyzers (Dual & Quad ports, up to 24GHz)
  • Spectrum & Signal Analyzers (1.8GHz / 7GHz / 43 GHz)
  • RF Arbitrary Signal Generators (3GHz / 20 GHz)
  • High Speed RF DSO (4CH – 20 Gs/s 6 GHz)
  • Low & Medium Speed DSO (4CH – 100 MHz/300 MHz/500 MHz/1 GHz/1.5 GHz)
  • Noise source
  • Multi Channels Electronics Loads
  • Battery Simulator (5A, 20V)
  • Thermal Chamber (-30°/+130°C)
  • Climatic Chamber (-70°C/+180°C)


Aerospace and aeronautics developers/integrators (ESA, OHB, SES, Thales Alenia Space, QinetiQ, OIP, Airbus, KLEOS, OQ-Technology, SkyfloX, IPAG, GOMspace), Military (NSPA), Automotive component manufacturers (Delphi, Honneywell, Faurecia, IFP, Ferrari, Hannon, Audi) and research institutions.


  • Proximity-1 Autonomous Transceiver (ESA): Software Defined Radio transceiver for Mars-Orbiter autonomous telecommunication HUB (automatic signal modulation, frequency and baud-rate detection).
  • HERA’s Juventas Radar(GOMSpace): First Low Frequency Radar probe of an asteroid.
  • MACSAT IOD (OQ-Tec): Complete payload transceiver and demonstration terminals.
  • Triton-X (OHB): High-Speed downlink and OBC for the satellite avionic
    DVBS2X FPGA-based downlink modulator, including RF and X-band SSPA.
    Avionic’s On-Board Computer.
  • VesselSat 1 & 2 (OHB): Payload – Dual AIS receivers, telecommand receivers, OBC interface, GNSS receivers, 3D sun sensor.
  • 4M (OHB): Manfred Memorial Moon Mission: First commercial satellite orbiting the Moon.
  • Generic SDR (EmTroniX): Flexible, powerful and multi-platform Software Defined Radio payload for wide-range telecommunication purposes. Used in Juventas & MACSAT.

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