The EC-Group is a global player in the field of advanced and demanding composites products. We offer technical solutions based on advanced composites adapted to the needs of our customers: we are able to develop customized solutions to the required specification (build-to-spec), or we manufacture products according to the build-to-print approach. Just how it fits best for our customer and their needs.


  • Advanced composite parts production of Sandwich panels (flat and curved structures)
  • Manufacturing and Implementation of drop-in parts (inserts, reinforcements, extruded profiles, primed, grinded, coated/painted)
  • High precision 5-axis CNC machining in a clean and climate controlled environment  
  • Formed composite parts
  • Design and manufacturing of tools and moulds
  • Autoclave processing
  • Resin infusion and resin transfer moulding processes for interior and structural parts
  • Final assembly of complete units and assemblies
  • Kevlar®, Nomex®, Glassfibre, Carbon Fibre and Aluminium (5052, 5056, 3003) Honeycomb cores (with or without perforation)
  • Product development including structural and thermal analysis


  • RI – resin infusion
  • Autoclave
  • FSW – friction stir welding
  • Coating
  • CAD/CAM software
  • 5-axis CNC milling centers
  • Sandwich panel production
  • Honeycomb production
  • Quality control and measurement tools
  • Laboratory for mechanical tests
  • X-ray chamber
  • Cleanrooms ISO 7 & ISO 8
  • Ultrasonic inspection


Airbus Defence & Space, ESA, QinetiQ Space, Boeing, Thales Alenia Space, MDA Corporation, Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR), SENER, IAI


Ongoing Projects

  • ALTIUS Mission : Design & Engineering, Aluminium structural panels, CFRP solar array substrates, Bracketry, S/C environmental testing, S/C transport container
  • SMILE MISSION : Payload Module Structure
  • ATHENA Mission : Low temperature radiator panel with embedded heat pipe (Design, Manufacturing & Tests)
  • Development of RF-transparent Glass Fiber Sandwich Panels for Space applications
  • Moon Rover Structural parts manufacturing
  • ARIEL: Propulsion Module Structure
  • SAR Satellite Structure for LEO
  • Several commercial missions similar to PROBA design
  • Macro-perforated non-metallic core development for launchers
  • COMET-Interceptor: Dust shield 



  • PROBA-3: Aluminum structural panels, CFRP solar array substrates, Solar Array substrates
  • PROBA-3: Optical benches
  • EUCLID: Aluminum External Panels manufacturing 
  • PROBA Next (P200): Aluminum structural panels, CFRP solar array substrates, Solar Array substrates•
  • Small Geo: CFRP and Aluminum Structural Panels, Transport boxes and Heat Pipe Test Panel for the Platform
  • PROBA-V: Aluminum structural panels, CFRP solar array substrates, Solar Array substrates
  • BepiColombo: High Temperature Aluminum Core (Flight Hardware)
  • Skyflox: Radome design & manufacturing, final assembly


  • Light-weight, torsion-free structural panel with excellent surface properties
  • Development of CFRP radiator panels with integrated fluid tubes
  • Manufacturing of Honeycomb panel with embedded heat pipes for telecommunication satellites
  • Study for structural CFRP thermal conditions
  • Perforated Hoenycomb core: Qualification of perforated honeycomb types for Space application
  • Quartz-Glass honeycomb core and sandwich panels: RF transparent glass fibre sandwich panels
  • 3D Honeycomb for Curved Structure Manufacturing


  • Abrixas: Support panel for solar arrays
  • BIRD: Solar Array support panels
  • Herschel & Planck: Sub-Platform Test Dummy and Solar Panel Test Dummies
  • Astrosat100: Structural Panel, Aluminum face sheets
  • TET: Solar array panels, Payload panel
  • DLR: DESIS CFRP box for ISS
  • BOEING: parts for CST 100
  • Commercial Geostationary Telecommunication Satellite Bus Module Structure Manufacturing and Assembly
  • SAR satellite structure manufacturing, incl. painting and heat-pipes
  • Antenna Backing Structures with Diameter of 2,5m 


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