CREACTION group is an engineering office dedicated to industrial innovation and in particular integrating Space and innovating technology in non-space industrial sector. Its main assets are creativity to develop new concepts with strong added values and technology transfer, mainly through ESA Technology Transfer. The original approach of CREACTION is to consider four management sectors (marketing, techniques, finance and IPR) at the same time development for innovative success. And since three years, CREACTION is managing the ESA TTPO program of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. CREACTION has a proven expertise in the innovative development of complex information systems and products. It relies on scalable and reliable components. CREACTION can develop fast interfaces between existing components and data sources to allow quick early stage system validation. Sometimes the demonstrator structure is robust enough to be kept for definitive use.


  • Management of innovation advise and follow-up of companies new development projects strategic audit, integration of technological skills and the accompaniment of an innovative idea to a commercial product.
  • Management of technology transfer – audit of the owner or the request, implementation of TT specification: nuclear, medical, automotive, cybersecurity… and new materials sectors.
  • Management of private/public research centre assessment of R&D areas for the purpose of commercialization and spin-off activities.
  • Study conception of new products (modelling 2D-3D, prototyping and pre-series) to have a better vision of the future commercial product. “Calculate the risk, save on time and money, your objective is our own”.
  • The Creativity Centre’s objective is to create sustainable commercial business, focussed on high quality processes and products. It addresses on space and non-space customers, offering short-term creative immersion.


  • Rapid prototyping competencies
  • Validation and optimization tools for new applicative markets
  • Space Creativity Centre for ESA BICs and industrial sectors.


  • Private entreprises: Renault, Beckaert, John Zinck, Areva and other SMEs
  • R&D centres


  • ESA/TTPO since 2013
  • The Technology Transfer Network consists of brokers across Europe who are working to identify novel uses for technology that has been developed as part of the ESA space program. They are also interested in identifying technologies in other sectors that could benefit the exploration and utilization of Space.
  • EM-SAT - IAP -DEMONSTRATOR 2018: Integrated Secured Crisis Management & Information Platform for Hazardous Industrial Facilities. EM-SAT is a monitoring, supervision and managing crisis center sold as a service, offering a complete toolbox of features for SEVESO sites.
  • Improvement of new nuclear cask.
  • HIGHT TEMPERATURE SMAs to reinforce the security in transport Improvement of new nuclear cask.
  • FIT4GROW program. Project stock energy. Creativity sessions in the field of transport with the aim to help think, identify, create and validate a new path of diversification in the utilities sector.
  • ERASMUS: Utop’ Textile. Stimulation of ideas through innovative sessions, using high space technologies/process available during school training
  • INTERREG PROGRAMME – PUSH GR : SHAPE YOUR PRODUCT DESIGN: Accelerator program to optimize and validate project/idea/service by integrating high value-added space technology. Organization of 2 workshops by year.

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