Blue Horizon


Blue Horizon is a start-up founded in 2017 by OHB SE, one of the three leading space companies in Europe. The company’s core competences are life sciences, system engineering and bioprocess engineering. The team formerly belonged to the life sciences team of OHB System AG in Bremen. Since the whole team has moved from OHB System AG to Blue Horizon SaRL, the knowledge and experience gained over the past years has been transferred completely.


Blue Horizon is developing products and services for space and for Earth, taking advantage of the heritage of OHB’s life science research activities over the last two decades.


  • Closed loop systems, habitats
  • Bio-ISRU
  • Pharmaceutical, biological and medical research in space environments


  • Habitats
  • Environmental monitoring, toxicity tests and risk assessment
  • Microorganism-mineral interactions for reversing desertification, bio-mining, soil remediation, etc.


  • In-house development, management and storage of small-to-medium scale bio-reactors
  • System engineering for industrial up-scaling of bioreactors
  • Bioprocess engineering


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Latest News

  1. The LSA turns one

    The Luxembourg Space Agency is celebrating its first year in business with the launch of a greatly enhanced web presence.

Future Events

    This one-day conference will focus on domestic environmental topics and the use of space technologies.
    Luxembourg will hold Space Resources Week from 7 to 11 October.
    KINEPOLIS Kirchberg: Space Talk and free screening of the documentary Apollo 11 (2019).