Amphinicy Technologies


Amphinicy Technologies (AT) is a valued provider of complex, tailor-made software solutions and all-round software support for the satellite industry. AT has been on the market for +25 years, with its Luxembourg office established in 2002. Amphinicy Luxembourg has high expertise in the fields of SatCom and Earth Observation. It provides enterprise solutions for big commercial and governmental projects.

Our primary field of expertise is in the ground segment solutions, especially in ground segment virtialization and 5G compliance – SatCom modem virtialization, Monitor and Control, Mission Operations, Simulations, Validation and Verification, , EO data acquisition, Telemetry and protocol analysis, CyberSecurity in Satcom.



  • Monica: a modern monitoring and control built on the latest industry standards. It comes in two versions– as M&C solution for local ground station (e.g. broadcasting teleport), or as ultra-scalable NMS solution for monitoring huge networks (e.g. VSAT networks, IoT, ...)
  • Blink: an innovative software solution for ultra-fast EO telemetry acquisition and processing, using today’s top-of-the-line commercial CPUs and GPUs and radically reduces costs, improves flexibility and maintenance.


Tailor-made software engineering and consulting services and all-round software support for the satellite and space industry.


AT employs top-notch, highly-qualified ICT and space engineers with expertise in following ground segment domains:

SatCom solutions:

  • Satcom ground segment virtualization (Virtualized SatCom moded, 5G compliancy)
  • Secure communication (Cybersecurity in SatCom)
  • EO ground segment virtualization
  • Monitor and control systems,
  • Ground segment simulations,
  • In-orbit testing systems,
  • Mission Operations,
  • Mobility – beam roaming and load balancing

Humanitarian projects:

  • SatLearning
  • SatMedicine

Space Technologies / standards:

  • ECSS compatible
  • CCSDS protocol and standards expertise
  • SPELL language and standard

Extensive and valuable experience working on demanding ESA projects as well as on solutions for industry leaders in fields of satellite operations, satellite services and satellite networks.


  • International space and humanitarian agencies (ESA, DLR, UNHCR),
  • Leading satellite operators and global satellite service providers/ integrators (SES, Qinetiq, Airbus DS)
  • Teleports and space mission operation centres (RSS) and
  • Satellite equipment manufacturers (OHB, iDirect).


Amphinicy Luxembourg provided software engineering services in following flagship projects:


  • A feasibility study for Satcom virtual ground segment
  • The first PoC of fully software implemented SatCom modem
  • 5G compliant service layer (e.g. orchestration)


  • CyberSecurity provisions for a point to point optical link terminals
  • Military grade security implementations


  • Partneship with SES TechCom
  • Architecture and implementation of MOC
  • Ground segment simulation


AIV for Sentinel communications modules


Embedded system for spread spectrum modem

ST Engineering / iDirect Europe

Validation platform and services for VSAT networks

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