Space business players team up with Luxembourg’s academic and research community to develop competencies and talent for a burgeoning space sector

Luxembourg is firmly committed both to the commercialisation of space and the development of the broad range of skills needed to create an attractive ecosystem for space companies. There is particular emphasis on strengthening the Grand Duchy’s pool of talent, and especially expanding capabilities in engineering, research and business, while supporting students of all educational levels, from primary school to graduates and young professionals.

Among the most striking aspects of the country’s space sector is the international character of its work force. Over the years, Luxembourg has offered a range of special residence permits for individuals from around the globe eager to settle in the heart of Europe and benefit from its secure and business-friendly environment.

As well as attracting talent from abroad, Luxembourg has established a range of programmes and partnerships with the academic, research and business communities to create a pipeline within the country for the expertise and skills required by the burgeoning space sector.


The University of Luxembourg already offers a master’s degree in Space, Communication and Media Law, comprising a diverse range of legal courses covering space, satellite communications, the media, electronic communications and e-commerce, intellectual property law and data protection, at international, European and national level. This programme provides students with expertise in regulatory aspects of space business as well as the essential theoretical, practical and analytical skills to master a field in constant evolution.

Starting in the 2019 academic year, the university will offer an inter-disciplinary space master’s degree markedly different from programmes offered by other institutions – providing participants from an engineering or scientific background with additional technical expertise in areas needed to support Luxembourg’s space industry, along with a strong grounding in business.


Every year, the European Space Agency (ESA) offers internship positions for Luxembourg young graduates with the aim to offer them a first professional experience in various sectors of the aerospace field.

Through the Luxembourgish Young Graduate Trainee (LuxYGT) programme, young graduates gain experience to help them qualify for a range of positions in the space industry, leading research institutions and the ESA itself.

The LuxYGT programme is aimed at Luxembourgish nationals with a master’s degree obtained over the previous two years, including students in the final year of a master's programme. Successful candidates will be offered a 12-month internship with the possibility of a further 12-month extension.


In addition to establishing specialist university degrees to develop local talent, Luxembourg’s space policy embraces primary and secondary education through membership of the network of European Space Education Resource Offices (ESERO). As the host organisation for ESERO Luxembourg, the Luxembourg Science Center in Differdange employs space themes to enhance national school education in the fields of science and technology.

ESERO Luxembourg is one of many initiatives and curricular projects designed to increase interest among school students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and encourage young people to pursue STEM-related careers, especially involving space activities.


Space industry companies ranging from providers of telecommunications and broadcast services to component manufacturers and systems operators offer talented and highly-skilled individuals wide-ranging career opportunities in Luxembourg across multiple disciplines. Demand is growing for specialists in fields including Earth observation, navigation systems, risk management and climate change.

The national space sector today encompasses many companies, as well as two public research organisations, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology and the University of Luxembourg, active in domains including:

  • The space segment, comprising manufacturing of satellite and instrument structures, electronic equipment and systems integration for micro-satellites.
  • The ground segment, consisting of ground station development, mechanical and electrical ground support equipment, and communication networks.
  • The service segment, embracing teleport, satellite broadband, risk management and automatic identification system (AIS) services.

The Luxembourg Space Agency has partnered with national employment agency ADEM to offer a one-stop service for individuals seeking new challenges in the industry and assists global recruitment for Luxembourg’s space sector through its international networks as well as partnerships with private and public recruitment organisations.

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