Spacety is a global NewSpace company with 25 satellites launched and operated since founded in 2016 and more on the launchpad. It is a next-generation low-cost Earth observation data and service provider with its SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) satellite constellation and innovative data platform. It also provides fast, frequent, flexible, and low-cost space missions to support science experiments, Earth observation, and in-orbit demonstrations and/or validations of space technologies, products, or space systems. Spacety Luxembourg is Spacety’s international headquarters. It provides all the Spacety’s satellite-based services to the global market and develops innovative technologies to enable next-generation satellite-based services.


Delivering solutions enabled by our capabilities and systems of low-cost and high-quality cubesats and smallsats.

• One-Stop-Shop Satellite Solutions Complete satellite services, including design, construction, integration, testing, launch and operation

• Satellite Hosting and IOD/IOV Services End-to-end services to host customer’s hardware/software on board our satellite platforms for science experiments, services and in-orbit demonstration/verification

• Satellite Data-as-a-Service Satellite optical and SAR imagery for applications in agriculture & forestry, oil & gas, environment and pollution monitoring, water management, natural disaster management, ocean & marine, infrastructure and building monitoring

• Space Training and Education Hands-on experience with in-orbit satellites for young generation to stimulate their interest in space and STEM


Spacety has strong technical capabilities in low-cost and mass-produced small satellites. It has launched and operated 25 satellites over the past 6 years. These satellites have enabled scientists to do world class research in space and companies to flight test and demonstrate new space technologies and products, and provided high-quality SAR satellite image data worldwide to solve the problems we face on Earth every day. Research results were published in the world’s leading scientific journal Nature and Nature Astronomy. Successful IOD/IOV missions have enabled companies to penetrate the global markets with new space products. The two world leading miniaturized C-band SAR satellites with a phased-array antenna demonstrate Spacety’s innovative way and advanced capabilities of designing, building and operating sophisticated satellite systems.


Spacety has a wide range of customers worldwide, including space companies, research organizations, universities and governmental organizations. Our satellite data products reach data end-users of variety of industries. 

Spacety Luxembourg has developed a worldwide commercial ecosystem centered in Luxembourg and radiating to all continents.


Spacety Luxembourg has already provided satellite hosting services in Europe to fly innovative space technologies and products. A good example is the in-orbit demonstration of the world’s first iodine electric propulsion system developed by ThrustMe.

We are working with university and research organization in Luxembourg to develop innovative technologies for active space debris removal based on cubseat and advanced AI technologies to monitor urban flooding from SAR images. We are focusing on developing an innovative data platform to make trade and use of satellite data easy and secure. 

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