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The core business of Made In Space Europe (MIS EU) is the development & sale of robotic arms for space applications. Additionally, MIS EU also participates in collaborative R&D projects related to robotic arm applications in space and extreme terrestrial environments. By lowering barriers to sophisticated in-space robotics, MIS EU is helping introduce the next generation of space industrialization.


Space-rated robotic arms offered by Made In Space Europe are the company’s main product.

The robotic arms are designed to carry out a range of functions which are widely applicable across space-based robotic missions. Satellite servicing, refuelling operations, station-keeping, manipulation of payloads, in-orbit assembly, planetary exploration, and in-situ resource utilisation (ISRU) can all be beneficially augmented with the use of MIS EU robotic arms.

In addition to providing robotic arms, MIS EU provides correlated services which include engineers to support integration of the arm to the spacecraft or rover, and a robotic arm software model for dynamic simulation. MIS EU also offers a prototype robotic arm for mock in-space operations which customers may use at the company’s facilities in Luxembourg.


MIS EU’s robotic arm has several key features.

  1. Standardized, open-source interfaces - simple integration of arm-to-sys tem and open-source arm-to-end-effector connection interface.
  2. Easily-programmable software - enables seamless programming of robotic arm
  3. Modularity and scalability - arm specifications can be customized based on customer requirements due to a simple, modular system
  4. Tool changer and end-effectors - robotic arm features several tooling options and a changer which can use different end-effectors while in-operation
  5. Affordable - robotic arm is mass-produced and commercially available


The main customers of MIS EU are companies and entities that need affordable robotic arms for industrial space applications and missions. These applications include orbital activities, such as satellite servicing and in-space assembly, as well those for surface activities, such as planetary exploration and ISRU. In addition to industrial space companies, MIS EU also works with R&D consortiums which are interested in refining robotic technologies for far-future missions (10+ years).


Made In Space Europe’s efforts are dedicated to the development of the robotic arm product.

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