Cislunar Industries


CisLunar Industries is a space resources startup focused on developing and deploying hardware and software solutions to process metal-based materials in space. Metal resources will play a critical role in the industrialization of cislunar space and must be processed before they can be used for in-space manufacturing and construction. We are developing the Space Foundry as the core system to meet this need. Ultimately, our system will be able to utilize a variety of metal raw materials sourced from recycled space debris, asteroids, the Moon, and beyond.

Currently, we are designing and building the Space Foundry Lab Module (SFLM), a small-scale automated microgravity furnace and integrated extrusion system for deployment to the ISS. The SFLM will enable a commercial microgravity metallurgical research service and production capability.


Space Foundry Lab Module: This system will include an electromagnetic levitation induction furnace with an integrated extrusion system and provide the following solutions:

  • Performance of microgravity metallurgical research as a service for customers
  • Manufacture of high-value industrial materials and products for consumers
  • Partnership and sponsorship opportunities


Companies, research institutions, space agencies, and other parties involved in metallurgical research, the use of cutting edge metal materials for Earth or space applications, or in-space manufacturing and construction.


The Space Foundry Lab Module

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