Cislunar Industries


CisLunar Industries is a global metal and materials processing startup focused on sustainable solutions to the challenges of electronic waste on Earth and space debris in orbit.  

On Earth, CisLunar Industries is working to recycle and refine electronic waste using advanced, environmentally friendly technologies and eventually to adapt this technology for use in orbit.  The company is actively seeking supplies of scrap circuit boards and other electronic waste and to deliver sustainable precious metals to our customers.

In space, the company is focused on developing and deploying hardware and software solutions to salvage, recycle, and re-process space debris.  Metal resources will play a critical role in the industrialization of cislunar space and must be processed before they can be used for in-space manufacturing and construction. 

CisLunar Industries is developing the Space Foundry as the core system to meet this need. Ultimately, this system will be able to utilize a variety of metal raw materials sourced from recycled space debris, asteroids, the Moon, and beyond.

Currently, we are designing and building the Space Foundry Lab Module (SFLM), a small-scale automated microgravity furnace and integrated extrusion system for deployment to the ISS and its successor platforms. The SFLM will enable a commercial microgravity metallurgical research service and production capability.

CisLunar Industries currently has offices in Luxembourg and Denver, Colorado, USA.


Electronic Waste Recycling: CisLunar Industries will securely process your scrap circuit boards and other electronic waste, extracting valuable metals with a non-toxic, environmentally friendly process, resulting in zero waste to landfill.  The outcome of this process is a steady supply of sustainable precious metals ready for delivery to the market.

Space Foundry Lab Module: This system will include an electromagnetic levitation induction furnace with an integrated extrusion system and provide the following solutions:

  • Performance of microgravity metallurgical research as a service for customers
  • Manufacture of high-value industrial materials and products for consumers
  • Partnership and sponsorship opportunities


All producers of scrap circuit boards and other electronic wastes, as well as end-users of sustainable precious metals.

Companies, research institutions, space agencies, and other parties involved in metallurgical research, the use of cutting edge metal materials for Earth or space applications, or in-space manufacturing and construction.


Planned ISS Demonstration: Electromagnetic Control and Manipulation of Liquid Metal in Microgravity

Planned ISS Facility: Space Foundry Laboratory Module

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