Aistech Space


Aistech Space makes geospatial intelligence accessible for the real needs of monitoring and control, that both administrations, international organizations and companies have in a globalized world. Aistech Space hereby provides greater insight and understanding of what is happening anywhere on the Planet. 

The company uses space and its ability to capture, manage and transform data from Earth, obtained through its own constellation of satellites; into continuous, recurring and accurate information to help improve the quality and standard of living on the Planet. The protection of the environment and the fight against climate change, the management of hydrological resources, the contribution to the development of agriculture in developing countries, the protection of the resources of the seas and oceans are some of the vectors that mark the identity and company values, as well as the technological developments.


Aistech Space provides data fusion and analytical techniques to discover new synaptic connections between undiscovered patterns of information related to human beings, wildlife, business, etc. 

Services include: aviation; agriculture; environment; energy and critical asset management; mining; fishing; security, defence and land control.

Some of the products are:

  • Space-based air traffic monitoring system.
  • Exploration and selection of new regions of interest for new activities and investments.
  • Critical asset monitoring system.
  • Crops monitoring.
  • Predictive models for fishing and agriculture business.
  • Land and coast monitoring system: presence and movements detection.


A 120-nanosatellite constellation will give Aistech Space in 2023 freedom to access to up-to-date imagery and data in near-real time. 

The current technical means of the company are:

  • Two satellites of the first phase constellation in orbit and operative since 2018.
  • Own IoT communication system, onboard on satellites.
  • Own multispectral telescope internally designed.
  • Clean room for integration.
  • Electronic and optical laboratory.
  • 2 own ground stations.
  • 2 mission control systems, from where satellites are operated.
  • Internal platform to manage and fusion several sources of space data.
  • Geospatial intelligence generation systems.


  • Agriculture companies
  • Mining companies
  • Fishing companies
  • Energy companies
  • Administrations and Governments
  • International organizations


The company will have a constellation of more than 300 satellites in 2022. This will enable Aistech Space to provide high-quality space data which is affordable, accessible, reliable, and recurrent.

Aistech Space is developing internally its own software based on specific models that allow managing and processing a huge and recurrent volume of space data. This is the source of our new geospatial information that we can provide to have a better knowledge of the Earth.

Aistech Space is designing as well its own satellites to ensure a high performance to provide the best service to customers with the constellation. In addition to the satellite platform, Aistech Space has also developed its own multispectral space telescope and bi-directional communication system, the basis to get a critical Earth data.

Since its creation, Aistech Space has the support of the European Space Agency in their work to democratize the Space.

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