Aistech Space


Aistech Space is a geospatial Intelligence company whose main purpose is to provide valuable information through the data captured from the Earth’s surface with their own satellite constellation. We are in a mission to improve living standards on Earth, helping organizations and companies by providing information about their activities, enabling their decision-making process.

Our vision is to become a world reference company providing actionable and valuable information from space.

This vision can only be achieved if relevant data is gathered from anywhere in the world with high frequency and quality. This is the reason why Aistech Space is building its own constellation of satellites.

By combining the large amount of data gathered by our own network of satellites with other sources, and by processing this data into highly-integrated information, Aistech Space can reach to provide a new concept of geospatial intelligence. This is the path to become a corporate entity that helps solving relevant problems in different and specific areas of society.


Satellite technology and geospatial intelligence based on our data-fusion models can provide a new value to the ground operations. Our clients will benefit from an agile, flexible, global and rigorous information service:

  • Agile An intuitive interface to a powerful back-end would enable fast response times to changing customer requirements by reducing the cognitive load of consultants using the service.
  • Flexible, which allow us to adapt and fit the client’s requirements in the most effective way, focused on the needs of the client.
  • Global in terms of spatial and temporal coverage, and variety of data sources. Furthermore, the areas sensed by our thermal telescope will hold exclusive thermal data and those areas where we have RAM sensors will have a higher spatial resolution.
  • Rigorous, the information that is given to the clients will be accurate and rigorously validated. Both data and information ingestion from their assets will be streamlined, and their current operative data will be enhanced and enriched by the new information provided by Aistech Space got from external sources.

The objective is not only to offer a custom solution that fits specific needs of the client in different areas, but also to generate a positive contribution to society. Earth resources are limited and very necessary, and having a specific and focused knowledge of Earth becomes a critical and necessary task to guarantee the sustainable development of humanity in future generations.


Aistech Space has already deployed the first part of its satellite constellation. The company is getting and processing Earth data with their operative satellites, monitoring the aircraft traffic and assets in remote areas in the World.

Using its internal systems and specific knowledge in different economical sectors, and providing geospatial intelligence that the company is generating, Aistech Space is helping its customers to take better decisions about their business.


Aistech Space has already developed technology and specific solutions for clients within the Natural Resources, Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Energy and Maritime sectors.


The company will have a constellation of more than 300 satellites in 2022. This will enable Aistech Space to provide high-quality space data which is affordable, accessible, reliable, and recurrent.

Aistech Space is developing internally its own software based on specific models that allow managing and processing a huge and recurrent volume of space data. This is the source of our new geospatial information that we can provide to have a better knowledge of the Earth.

Aistech Space is designing as well its own satellites to ensure a high performance to provide the best service to customers with the constellation. In addition to the satellite platform, Aistech Space has also developed its own multispectral space telescope and bi-directional communication system, the basis to get a critical Earth data.

Since its creation, Aistech Space has the support of the European Space Agency in their work to democratize the Space.

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