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The mission of the Luxembourg Space Agency is to promote the economic development of the space sector in Luxembourg by providing support to the space industry, attracting new businesses, developing human resources, offering innovative financial solutions and supporting academic learning and research.

Under the authority of the Ministry of the Economy, the agency’s main aims are:

  • Development of the Luxembourg space ecosystem and synergies with businesses and organisations outside the space sector
  • Expansion of key skills and expertise, job creation and increasing the contribution of the space sector to Luxembourg’s economy
  • Evolution of local human resources to benefit from the dynamism of the sector and the appeal of space and its potential, especially for young people
  • Promotion of Luxembourg and its space sector on a global scale

Among its core activities, the agency:

  • Implements the national space economic development strategy and policy
  • Drives and leads the SpaceResources.lu initiative
  • Manages international relations in space industry-related matters
  • Represents Luxembourg within the European Space Agency (ESA) and space-related programmes of the European Union
  • Contributes to and supports United Nations activities relating to space matters, especially with regard to the SpaceResources.lu initiative
  • Manages national space research and development programmes
  • Acts as a focal point for public and private stakeholders in all matters relating to development of the space sector

The agency has co-ordinated a network of national partners to help fulfil its aims (listed in alphabetical order):

  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Employment Development Agency (ADEM)
  • Groupement luxembourgeois de l'aéronautique et de l'espace (GLAE)
  • Institute of Intellectual Property Luxembourg (IPIL)
  • Luxembourg Science Center (LSC)
  • Luxembourg Space Tech Angels (LSTA)
  • Luxinnovation
  • National Research Fund (FNR)
  • SES
  • National credit and investment institution (SNCI)
  • Technoport
  • University of Luxembourg (uni.lu)


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  1. Luxembourg holds Space Resources Week

    In the framework of the Luxembourg Space Resources Initiative, Luxembourg will hold from 7 until 11 October the Space Resources Week, including the Mining Space Summit, as well as a professional course and workshop about the exploration and utilization of